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Ultra Violet Shoe Sanitiser

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The PediFix ShoeZap 15-Minute UV Shoe Sanitiser is the fast, easy way to kill the fungus and bacteria that infect your feet and make them smell bad. It uses UVC germicidal light to keep shoes ‘microscopically clean’, more hygienic and safe to wear, in just 15 minutes.

ShoeZap 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer is an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer that kills germs, bacteria and fungus. Just insert the ShoeZap into a pair of shoes, cover the shoes in the protective shoe bags, turn on the UV light and then in 15 minutes your shoes are sanitized. It’s that simple! It even turns itself off after 15 minutes.

Fits all footwear styles and sizes, so ShoeZap® will disinfect every shoe in your home, for every member of your family — Men’s, Women’s, Teens and Children. Shoes are the only article of clothing we never clean — until now!

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