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Browse the archives and discover how to stop painful foot blisters from ruining your favourite pursuits.

ENGO Blister Patches large ovals two patch technique for forefoot edge blister

Medial Forefoot Edge Blister Prevention

When I played hockey, I had an almost permanent medial forefoot edge blister. This runner had the same. Here's how to prevent them.

netball foot injuries

Foot Blisters In Netball

New research has explored foot problems reported by male and female netball players. This article highlights foot blisters in netball.

bunions and blisters

Bunions And Blisters: A Comprehensive Guide

Bunions are a striking foot deformity. Unsurprisingly, bunions and blisters often go together - in certain shoes and with increased activity.

Lukes complex hotspot

Luke's Complex Ball-Of-Foot Hotspot Case Study

Luke's training for his first marathon. He's tried 3 pairs of shoes but is still getting hotspots under his feet. Read Luke's complex hotspot case study.

felt donut pad for blisters under the ball of the foot

DIY Donut Pads For Blisters Under Your Feet

I’ve got some DIY donut pads for blisters tricks-of-the-podiatry-trade to share so you can get the greatest relief for your blister when you need it most.

matt at the Adelaide 6-day ultramarathon 2014

Matt's Blister Treatment Example

After enduring a scorching bitumen surface for 135km, I had two 20 cent coin-sized blisters under my right forefoot. Read Matt's blister treatment case study.

edge blisters

Edge Blisters: What, Where, Why & How To Treat

An edge blister appears sort of on the bottom of the foot, but a bit on the side, too. Watch this video that shows why they occur and how to prevent them.

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