ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches - How To Use

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the LARGE and SMALL ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches. The Oval ENGO Patches are available in the ENGO 4-Pack, 6-Pack, Combo Pack and our plain-packaged 30-Pack. I’ll show you how many you get in each pack. And exactly how to use them. In fact, for this demo, I’ve cut open some shoes so you can really see what’s going on inside the shoe.

ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches Application Techniques

Be sure to watch the video above where I show you exactly how to use these patches to prevent and relieve blisters:

Keep in mind while you watch this, I haven’t spent the appropriate amount of time pressing these patches on to achieve maximum adhesion. So be sure to read the instructions inside the packet to find out more.

What Is It About The Oval Patch Shape?

The OVAL SHAPE makes both the Large and Small Ovals easy to apply to all areas of your footwear without creases. And it’s fair to say, ENGO’s Large Ovals are the most versatile because they’re large enough to cover the majority of blister areas, yet still easy to apply.

  • ENGO Patches are really thin. So, they’re not going to change the way your shoe fits. In fact, you won’t even notice they’re there!
  • But the thing is, they’re really durable. They’re not going to wear through for at least 300 miles, or roughly 500kms.

What Do I Like About ENGO Patches?

In a word - friction levels! Thanks to something called PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is known to exhibit extremely low friction. An example I'm sure you've heard of is TEFLON. As you know, high friction levels are one of the main causes of foot blisters. So if you can have this big an impact on friction levels, it will go an enormous way to preventing and relieving blisters.

ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches friction COF wet and dry cotton sockFriction levels of various in-shoe materials.

How Many ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches In These ENGO Packs?

  • The ENGO 4-Pack has 4 large oval patches
  • The ENGO 6-Pack has 4 large and 2 small ovals
  • Every ENGO Combo Pack has 10 all up - 6 large and 4 small (plus rectangle and heel patches)
  • And the ENGO 30-Pack is a plain packaged BULK PACK of 30 large Oval Patches

Where To Buy ENGO Patches

You can grab your ENGO Patches from our online store today. We ship weekdays from both Australia and the US and we’re always fully stocked.

Which ENGO Pack takes your fancy?

  • If you’re bothered by blisters, the 4-Pack is a great choice to take friction out of the equation so you can see just how good it feels.
  • The 6-Pack is a favourite with active people of all persuasions, offering that little bit extra protection, just in case.
  • The Combo Pack covers all the blister bases with 10 Ovals (6 Large and 4 Small), plus the Heel and Rectangle Patches.
  • And the 30-Pack is for people who know and love the Large Ovals already and have big blister needs and lots of shoes.

However, if your blister areas are bigger than the large ovals, or you get the classic back-of-heel blisters, the RECTANGLE Pack or HEEL Pack respectively are worth a look. ENGO PTFE Patches Selection Guide ENGO Patches Selection Guide

Get Started With The ENGO Oval Blister Patches

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